There are a number of reasons that people would choose to do community service.  Many folks are looking for a charitable outlet, a way to give back to the community.  Some people have a charity that is near and dear to their heart, and want to be of service.  Others may be court ordered to do community service as an outcome from a court appearance.  Whatever the case may be, here are some great places to help in the city of Los Angeles.

9 Dots

9 Dots is always looking to tutors to help in their program.  They run after school and weekend programs to help inspire and empower kids to excel.  They put a strong emphasis on STEM subjects.  So, if you are over 16 years of age, and able to help tutor evenings and/or weekends, contact them to make a difference.

The Midnight Mission

In the skid row district in downtown L.A., The Midnight Mission is looking for people that can help those that are homeless and struggling with dependency problems.   They have been working towards this goal since 1914, and have changed many lives.  There are lots of volunteer opportunities here.  They need help with meals, tutoring, clothing distribution, basic cleaning and painting, etc.  They also accept cash donations and donations of food, clothes, toys and vehicles.  With so many opportunities here in Los Angeles, there is bound to be something right for you to help with.

Downtown Woman’s Center

The Downton Woman’s Center (DWC) has a huge outreach program and can use volunteers of all types.  Here are some opportunities where you’re needed.

Kitchen Assistant – prepare food and help maintain kitchen inventory

Snack Packs – This can be done individually or as a group.  Purchase and prepare paper bag snack packs to hand out

Hygiene Kits – As part of their outreach, DWC provides approximately 60 showers a day.  Hygiene Kits help to replenish supplies.

Donation Sorting – Help to sort through and organize donations of clothes and household items for distribution.

Donation Drive – Encourage your group or organization to donate to DWC.  They are looking for clothing, hygiene products, staples for the kitchen that do not need refrigeration, or household items.

Front Desk Host – Put your skills to work welcoming residents and visitors to the center.  Be a receptionist and put your best foot forward for DWC

Residence Host – Be available to assist residents with questions and troubleshooting.  Meet and help those in need.

Admin/Reception Support – If you’ve got office skills, put them to the best use possible, helping out at DWC

Learning Center Assistant – The Learning Center at DWC offers books, computers, and resources to residents and their families.  Help with support and assistance.

Get Started Helping Today

These three places offer a ton of volunteer work that can be done as community service.  Your help is needed, so get in touch with them and get started!  Get in touch with a coordinator from one of these charities, and they will match your skills to a job that they need help with!