Looking for a job in Los Angeles?  Did you know that there are several job programs that may be available to you?  Take a look at the opportunities we found for you to explore.

Los Angeles Job Corps

This program is geared towards the young job seeker.  If you’re between the ages of 16 and 24, and you’re looking for a job in the Los Angeles area, the Los Angeles Job Corps is a wonderful resource for you.  There is no charge to you or your family to use this comprehensive training programs.  You can get training for many jobs, whether you are looking for technical or academic training towards a career.

Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department

People of any age that are wondering about the best way to get a jobcan go to their nearest Work Source Center.  The Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department is there to help.  You can speak with a counselor there about your career goals.  They will help with their Jobs Training Programs and Career Builder Services.  At each Work Source Center, they have everything you need to apply for and follow-up on your job search.  Use their computers, printers, telephones, and fax services to apply for jobs online.

State of California Employment Development Department

Help is here from the state.  This state organization helps job seekers of all kinds.  This is where you’ll go to look for and find a job, or manage your employment claims.This is where you’ll go no matter what your job status is.  This resource can be used by youth, veterans, and people with disabilities.  The website is quite extensive, and a great place to start exploring!


For all things relating to jobs in Los Angeles, go online at jobsla.org.  This website has separate areas for adults, youth, veterans, folks over 50, individuals with disabilities, homeless job seekers, and those people that are re-entering the job market.  This website is for those hunting for jobs, and also for employers looking to hire.

Los Angeles Black Worker Center

The Los Angeles Black Worker Center is an organization that focuses on jobs for African-American workers.  It encourages workers to train and interview for government jobs available through the city of L.A.  As part of its mission statement, the BWC works through action and unionization to better the plight of unemployed African-Americans in Los Angeles.

Use All Available Resources

As shown above, there are a lot of resources available to those that are looking for a job.  It’s quite an array of training and qualifying help, and much of it targeted towards people that traditionally have difficulty finding work.  No matter what your age, gender, or work experience, you can enter a program that improves your chances of being gainfully employed.  Disabled individuals and Veterans have special programs that they can apply to.

Being unemployed can be disheartening.  Lift your spirits when you take advantage of some of these programs that are right in your backyard.