Los Angeles Weapon Crimes Attorney

If you face a firearms or weapons charge in southern California, you need straight answers from an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. The Miranda Rights Law Firm can review the details of your case, compile evidence and witnesses on your behalf, and fight for the justice you need. Los Angeles weapon crimes attorney Douglas Miranda, with more than a decade of criminal defense experience, will evaluate your unique situation, developing a strategy that allows him to protect your rights and bring your case to the best possible conclusion.

California law determines who may possess, carry, and use a firearm and what types of firearms are legal. Automatic weapons and several other types of guns are illegal in California. Convicted felons, most people on probation, juveniles convicted of serious crimes, and individuals subject to restraining orders related to domestic disputes are not allowed to possess firearms in California. The Miranda Rights Law Firm defends accused individuals against a variety of weapons charges including but not limited to:

  • brandishing a weapon;
  • reckless discharge of a firearm;
  • use of a deadly weapon;
  • possession of illegal firearms; and
  • illegal sale of a firearm.


Every day in California, people are charged with illegally carrying a concealed weapon. Yes, it is legal to buy, carry, and conceal a weapon in California – your Second Amendment right to bear arms is recognized and protected – but there are strict rules. If you are charged in the Los Angeles area with carrying a concealed weapon, obtain legal help at once by contacting an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney like Douglas Miranda.

To carry a concealed weapon in California, you must meet the requirements and you must complete a standard application and have it approved. A license to carry a concealed weapon may be approved for any adult of “good moral character” who has completed a training course and provides a sufficient reason for needing the license. Fingerprinting and a background check are part of the approval process. Some jurisdictions may also require a psychological evaluation. Any previous felony conviction will prevent an individual from legally owning or carrying a firearm in California.

If you are licensed to carry a concealed weapon in California, conditions and restrictions accompany that license. Under California law, a licensee may not, when carrying a concealed weapon:

  • Consume any alcoholic beverage;
  • Be in a location where the primary purpose is dispensing alcohol for on-site consumption;
  • Be under the influence of any medication or drug;
  • Unjustifiably brandish the weapon;
  • Refuse to produce the license or surrender the weapon to any police officer upon demand;
  • Impede any law enforcement officer in the performance of his or her duties;
  • Present himself or herself as a police officer unless he or she is, in fact, a police officer;
  • Carry a concealed weapon not listed in the permit; or
  • Carry a concealed weapon at times or in circumstances not specified in the permit.

If you are arrested in the Los Angeles area for carrying a concealed weapon without a license, for violating the terms of a concealed carry license, or for any other weapon-related charge, obtain the legal help you need immediately by contacting an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. Our law firm’s lawyers are here to learn the details of your case so we can provide sound legal advice and offer highly strategic representation, whether you’re facing a unlawfully concealed weapon charge, unlawful possession of a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, and violent crimes such as assault, sexual battery, child abuse or even murder.


There are a number of other weapons charges besides the charges that you could face for illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

Brandishing a weapon or firearm occurs when you draw or exhibit a deadly weapon or firearm in the presence of another person. You must have done so in unlawfully during a disagreement, or in a rude or threatening manner. You cannot be charged with brandishing a weapon or firearm if you were doing so in self defense.

California prohibits the manufacture, sale, gifting, borrowing or possessing of certain types of assault weapons and BMG rifles, with very few exceptions. These exceptions include:

  • You legally obtained the firearm in question before it was illegal to do so;
  • You are the executor of an estate that legally possesses these weapons;
  • You are participating in lawful target shooting or firearm exhibitions that have been approved by local law enforcement; and
  • You are a resident of another state and traveling to California to participate in some sort of league competition or match which requires the use of an assault weapon.

Outside of these exceptions, it is illegal to possess an assault weapon in the state of California.

It is also illegal to possess or discharge a firearm in a school zone, which is considered the area within 1,000 feet of a public or private school. The only exception to this rule is if you have the weapon to defend yourself from reasonable and imminent danger or if the weapon is safely secured in your vehicle and you have a valid concealed carry permit. Of course, security guards and law enforcement are also exempt from this law.

If you are facing any weapons charges, contact an experienced Los Angeles weapon crimes attorney as soon as possible.


Weapons charges are often filed when weapons are discovered during a stop, an arrest, or the investigation of another crime. Los Angeles weapon crimes attorney Douglas Miranda will review the facts of your arrest to make sure that the police acted legally and constitutionally. It’s tough to say precisely what the penalty will be for a weapons crime because so many factors must be considered, but if you are convicted of any weapons charge in California, do not expect leniency; in fact, a jail or prison sentence is likely. Attorney Douglas Miranda will fight to help avoid severe consequences and protect your freedom. The overall goal is to avoid jail, so Attorney Miranda will work with the District Attorney’s office to get you a plea deal, probation, or your case dismissed.


Los Angeles weapon crimes attorneyIf you face any weapons charge in Southern California, get the legal help you are going to need and call the Miranda Rights Law Firm at once. After examining your case, Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Douglas Miranda will explain your legal options and work to develop the most effective possible defense. At the Miranda Rights Law Firm, we take our responsibility to our clients seriously, and we put our experience to work for you. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced LA weapon crimes defense attorney, contact us today. Send an email, or call 213-255-5838. Se habla español.