Los Angeles Criminal Investigation Attorney

Los Angeles criminal investigation attorneyLos Angeles criminal investigation attorney, Douglas Miranda knows from experience how high the stakes are when a client faces a serious criminal investigation. With more than a decade of legal experience, he has handled over 5,000 criminal cases, including death penalty cases.

If you’re contacted by police officers conducting a criminal investigation, do not submit to an interrogation or provide any statement. It’s human nature to be compelled to explain ourselves in an attempt to  “clear up” a misunderstanding. So many head down to the police department to meet with authorities concerning a criminal investigation.  But things can go very wrong as police frequently get suspects to incriminate themselves by insisting “everything will be okay if you just cooperate.” But everything may not be okay. In fact, anything you say can be used against you if you are arrested and charged with a crime. You need an attorney who can look out for your best interests during police investigations and interviews. In southern California, that Los Angeles criminal investigation attorney is Douglas Miranda at the Miranda Rights Law Firm in Los Angeles.


If the police ever reach out to you and they say they are conducting a criminal investigation and they want to speak with you, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away. The chat that the police want is an interrogation that you want no part of without your Los Angeles defense lawyer present.

You might think that just explaining something that may have been a misunderstanding couldn’t possibly cause any problems, but the opposite is true. It’s human nature to explain ourselves and “clear up” misunderstandings, but a police interrogation isn’t the time or place for this approach. Los Angeles county prosecutors will use everything you say in this interview as evidence in your case.

Instead of working with the police, let our lawyers work for you. We’ll maximize your chances of resolving the case without an arrest or criminal charges. An experienced and aggressive attorney will work overtime to prove your innocence. The pre arrest investigation happens right after the police are notified of a crime. This is the stage where police verify that a crime did take place. No arrest has been made yet but the police are antsy to make one.

Police try to identify a suspect and once they do either they will start the pre arrest investigation. With the help of a rock solid attorney, law enforcement may determine that there is insufficient evidence to pursue the matter, and no arrest is made. This would be, ideally, what you would hope for at this point.

Douglas Miranda has more than a decade of legal experience with Los Angeles criminal investigation attorney; and has handled over 5,000 criminal cases, including death penalty cases. Douglas Miranda has protected numerous clients suspected of murder, rape, kidnap, child molestation, assault, battery, and other serious crimes from being arrested or facing charges. Call Miranda Rights Law Firm at 213-255-3569.


Los Angeles criminal investigation attorney Douglas Miranda provides extensive pre-arrest and pending-investigation representation. He’s actually prevented many clients from being arrested or charged with crimes because he’s been able to “get on top” of the case at the start of the investigation, before clients are interrogated. Police officers themselves have recommended Douglas Miranda to their own colleagues under investigation, and he now represents several officers accused of crimes on and off duty. With pre-arrest representation, Douglas Miranda has protected scores of clients suspected of murder, rape, kidnap, child molestation, assault, battery, and other serious crimes from being arrested or facing charges.


If for any reason you become the subject of a police investigation, face criminal charges, or even if you’re the target of a civil lawsuit, the right thing to do is to protect your rights and freedom. However, a problem happens when people try to do the right thing the wrong way. It’s a crime in California to destroy or conceal evidence that you know is relevant to a trial or to any other legal investigation or proceeding. If you’re charged with any crime in southern California, if you’re being investigated, or if you’re accused of destroying evidence, get legal help immediately and consult an experienced LA criminal defense attorney. You commit an “obstruction of justice” even if the evidence you destroy is only important in a non-criminal proceeding like a divorce or a personal injury case.

Sure, the law puts some people in a dilemma. Someone in possession of self-incriminating evidence doesn’t want to admit it – unless he or she is forced to by the court – but you can’t destroy it either. If you ever find yourself in this situation, for any reason whatsoever, speak to a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Every case is different; lawyer-client confidentiality would apply in that circumstance, and your attorney can only give you the best advice after assessing your particular situation.

To be convicted of destroying evidence, a prosecutor must prove that you knew it would be used as evidence and that you nevertheless destroyed it willfully and intentionally. While destroying or concealing evidence is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000, offering false written evidence or false physical evidence in any California legal proceeding is a felony punishable by 16 to 36 months in prison. If you’re charged with any crime in southern California, or if you have any concerns regarding evidence that may be in your possession, get the legal advice you need and speak at once to an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.


A criminal investigation can often be resolved without an arrest or criminal charges. Douglas Miranda may discover witnesses or evidence that proves your innocence or shows you’ve been falsely accused. When this happens, you won’t be arrested, and you’ll save yourself from the expenses and annoyance of a needless arrest and time wasted in court. Of course, no guarantee can be made regarding the outcome of any particular case or investigation, but if you’re the subject of a criminal investigation in southern California, contact the Miranda Rights Law Firm immediately. We take our responsibility to our clients seriously; let us put our experience to work on your behalf. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles defense lawyer, contact us today. Send an email or call 213-255-5838. Se habla español.