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If you or someone you love is being investigated for committing a sex crime – or has already been arrested and charged – you need a lawyer who specializes in these serious criminal cases. The advantage of having an attorney who specializes in sex crime accusations is knowing that your attorney will make the most effective arguments in your defense and is 100 percent committed to helping you win justice.

This is precisely what you can expect from the Miranda Rights Law Firm. Attorney Douglas Miranda has more than a decade of criminal defense experience with a substantial emphasis on representing clients charged with sex crimes in Southern California. He went into private practice to provide clients with the high-quality, aggressive defense representation they need and deserve.


Especially when accused of a sex crime, everyone is entitled to the highest-quality legal counsel. We represent clients in cases involving:

  • child molestation;
  • child pornography;
  • sexual battery;
  • sexual solicitation of a child;
  • rape;
  • statutory rape;
  • solicitation of prostitution;
  • indecent exposure;
  • federal sex crime charges; or
  • sex offender registration.

Sexual battery – sometimes also called sexual assault – is a very serious crime in California. The law clearly distinguishes between friendly, appropriate touching – such as placing your fingertips on someone’s arm or giving someone a gentle pat on the back – and unwanted, inappropriate touching. Touching anyone’s breasts, buttocks, or the area around the genitals, without permission, is sexual battery. If you’re charged with sexual battery in southern California, you’re going to need good legal help fast. Contact an experienced LA criminal defense attorney immediately.

To be charged with sexual battery – as opposed to “simple” battery – the law specifies that the unwanted touching is committed for the purposes of sexual gratification. The crime can be charged in California as a felony or as a misdemeanor depending on the details and the severity of the alleged incident. Sexual battery is usually a crime that leaves no evidence, so without video or eyewitness corroboration, a this type of sexual assault case can be a difficult case for the state to win.

Many defendants aren’t guilty at all – the incident was a misunderstanding, or the defendant was misidentified, or the entire story was fabricated. But if you are guilty, the evidence is overwhelming, and you’re convicted of sexual battery, you could serve up to a year in jail if convicted of the misdemeanor and up to four years in prison if convicted of the felony. Any sexual battery conviction also requires you to register – for life – in the publicly-accessible sex offender registry.

A conviction for sexual battery will haunt you for the rest of your life. If you’re a passionate, expressive person, you might be a little more careful about touching people in the future. If you are accused of sexual battery in the Los Angeles area, get the legal help you need at once, and speak to an experienced LA criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. We can help defend you from these harmful allegations, preventing you from a situation where you must register as a sex offender.

I am very thankful I found Mr.Miranda , I am a free man today because of him .All the lawyers I went to told me there was no chance in me being free on probation ,let’s just say my case wasn’t easy, thank you so much. I continued with my life and I can honestly say I am happy , working and raising my children . -Jonathan Munoz


California law makes it illegal to engage in – or to ask another person to engage in – an act of lewd conduct in public. Lewd acts include publicly touching one’s genitals, rear, or breasts with the intent of sexual gratification or offending another person. Although sexual activity by itself is not criminal, “lewd” conduct – as defined by California Penal Code 647(a) – happens when someone should reasonably know that another person is probably present or watching. If you’re charged with a violation of California’s lewd conduct law, get legal help at once and contact a criminal defense lawyer.

Lewd conduct is usually charged as a misdemeanor; a conviction is punishable by fines, probation, community service, or up to a year in jail. Those convicted are not required to register as sex offenders, but when someone is accused of lewd conduct, a prosecutor will often file a second, related charge that does require sex offender registration upon conviction. To convict you of committing a lewd act, the state must prove:

  • You touched your own genitals, rear, or breasts or another person’s;
  • Your intent was sexual gratification or shocking or offending another person;
  • The act happened in a public place or in a place open to public view; or
  • You knew or should have known that others would see and be offended.

Successful defenses against a lewd conduct charge can include:

  • You were not engaged in sexual activity and had no sexual intent;
  • Anyone who saw you entirely misunderstood what he or she was seeing;
  • You suffer from a mental illness; or
  • You’ve been misidentified or falsely accused.

If you are accused of lewd conduct in the LA area, now or in the future, whether you believe that you are guilty or innocent, you’re going to need legal help as soon as possible. If you are charged with lewd conduct – or with a related charge like public drunkenness or indecent exposure – you’ll need good legal help fast. Arrange at once to speak with a criminal defense lawyer Douglas Miranda to begin reviewing your case and discussing what legal options may be available.


Los Angeles sex crime attorneyAttorney Douglas Miranda and our firm’s friendly, professional staff are always available to address your concerns and offer peace of mind during a difficult, emotional experience.

Every client is treated with absolute dignity, every professional courtesy is extended, and a comfortable, professional atmosphere is provided. Whether you are seeking legal assistance for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help.

If criminal charges have already been filed, we can begin preparing your defense immediately. If law enforcement is still investigating alleged criminal activity, we have even more options. At the Miranda Rights Law Firm, we take our responsibility to our clients seriously, and we want to put our experience to work for you, whether it’s dispensing legal advice or representing you in the courts. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced sex crimes attorney, contact us today. Send an email, or call 213-255-5838. Se habla español.