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Children cannot defend themselves; therefore, crimes against children are considered heinous. And precisely because those crimes are so horrific, law enforcement officers and prosecutors are sometimes overzealous, accusing the innocent and trampling on their rights.

Los Angeles child pornography attorney, Douglas Miranda aggressively defends the rights of those facing child pornography accusations in southern California. In over a decade of legal experience, Douglas Miranda has established a reputation and record for excellence that few can match.


There are a number of California Penal Codes that prohibit child pornography including:

  • Penal Code 311.1 and 311.3: it is illegal to knowingly send, transport, produce, possess or duplicate any child pornography, with intent to distribute it
  • Penal Code 311.3: it is illegal to knowingly develop, duplicate, print or exchange any child pornography
  • Penal Code 311.4: it is illegal to knowingly hire, employ, use, persuade, or coerce a minor to participate in the production of child porn
  • Penal Code 311.10: it is illegal to knowingly advertise obscene child porn for sale or distribution
  • Penal Code 311.11: it is illegal to knowingly possess or control any child pornography that was produced using a person under 18

The majority of child pornography charges are wobbler offenses, which means they can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony. The prosecutor will need to make the decision whether to charge it as a felony or misdemeanor. When you face misdemeanor child pornography charges, you could be sentenced to a fine of up to $2,000 and up to one year in county jail. However, if you are convicted of felony child pornography charges, you face up to eight years in state prison and a fine of up to $100,000. Every conviction of child pornography requires that the defendant register as a sex offender, which means that the public will have complete access to your information. This could make it difficult to find future employment, enter romantic relationships or find housing, since many people do not want to associate with someone who has a child pornography conviction on their record and who is a registered sex offender.

Not everyone who is charged is guilty. You could have been falsely accused, or you could have acted without intent. The evidence that is being used against you could have been obtained through illegal search procedures, in which case it should not be allowed in court. If you were part of an undercover police investigation, you could have been coerced into committing a crime by undercover agents. If you have been charged with child pornography, don’t wait another minute to call experienced Los Angeles child pornography attorney Douglas Miranda. Once you make the call, Douglas Miranda can begin investigating the charges against you and defending your rights to achieve the most ideal outcome for your specific case.


Many have the impression that judges always “throw the book” at those convicted of possessing child pornographic material. In truth, punishments vary significantly based on the amount of offensive material, whether the suspect was also distributing the material, and whether the federal government gets involved in a case. In some cases, a defendant may be sentenced only to probation; other offenders can face years in a federal prison. In California, those convicted of child pornography also have to register as sex offenders. Your job, your family, and your future can all be negatively impacted by a child pornography conviction. Don’t let that happen to you. While no guarantee can ever be made in any particular case, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Douglas Miranda’s lengthy, impressive record of legal victories speaks for itself.

In many child pornography cases, only the state will file charges. Federal authorities usually only get involved in cases where there is evidence of large-scale possession or distribution of child pornography. Our Los Angeles child pornography defense lawyers handle both state- and federal-level cases. Sentences vary hinging on factors such as the amount of material and the defendant’s prior criminal record. Judges have the ability to grant probation in some cases; others can end with sentences of two to three years in state prison. For those facing federal charges, a conviction can carry up to ten years in a federal prison. For this reason, it’s vital that you turn to a very experienced child pornography defense lawyer.


If you use Google’s Gmail mail service, your communications are not private. The fact that Google scans the contents of personal e-mails – for several reasons – is no secret.Internet crimes can be quite complex so if you are facing criminal charges for child pornography on the basis of your emails or other computer evidence, arrange at once to speak with an experienced LA criminal defense lawyer who can investigate whether the evidence against you was obtained legally.

Google uses image recognition technology to scan for images of child pornography in emails. When a possible image of child pornography is located, actual human beings at Google view it to ensure that no one is falsely accused. For years, Google has gathered personal information contained in e-mails for advertising purposes. The company insists that its e-mail scanning technology does not violate privacy laws. Gmail has over 400 million users worldwide.

In California, if you are convicted of child pornography or another sex crime, your job, family, and future will be negatively affected for years to come. Don’t let that happen. While no guaranteed outcome can ever be promised in any particular criminal case, your best hope for justice is to contact a reputable Los Angeles child pornography lawyer promptly.


Los Angeles Child Pornography AttorneyIf you’ve been charged with possession of child pornography, let a knowledgeable Los Angeles attorney do the work for you. After reviewing your case, Douglas Miranda will go over your legal options and begin developing the best defense.

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