Los Angeles has some famous landmarks that are easily recognizable to most Americans. Let’s visit a few. How many do you know?

Hollywood Sign

Inaccessible for safety reasons, there are many viewing sites near the sign.  This iconic landmark features in many movies and tv shows that are based in the L.A. area.

Griffith Observatory

This is the place to go for the best view of Los Angeles, CA and the Hollywood sign.  This place is easily recognizable due to its appearance in films.  It has more visitors than any other public observatory in the world.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

No trip to Los Angeles is complete without seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Get a selfie with your favorite celebrity’s star.  Many people think that it’s only in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, but it actually stretches for quite a distance beyond that.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

If you’re walking the Walk of Fame, chances are you are visiting Grauman’s Chinese Theatre as well.  It’s interesting to note that most tours of Los Angeles start out in front of Grauman’s.

The Capitol Records Building

This building is shaped like a stack of records, and was built in 1956. It’s thirteen stories high and you can find it on the Los Angeles Historic Register.  Most people don’t realize that the blinking light at the top flashes “Hollywood” in Morse Code.

Santa Monica Pier

Another iconic landmark of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier is home to the solar powered Ferris wheel in Pacific Park.  You find three of the most photographed spots in L.A. here.  The neon entry to the pier, and the Ferris wheel are the perfect backdrop for your souvenir photos.  There is also a marker on the pier that denotes it as the end of Route 66, and that’s a hotspot for photos as well.

The Disney Concert Hall

The Disney Concert Hall is located in downtown Los Angeles.  It was opened in 2003, and has millions of visitors each year.  The ship of metal waves is hard to miss, and a great spot for taking photos.

Universal Studios Globe

Although most Disney landmarks are inside the park, they left the Universal Studios Globe outside the gates.  This can be a photo spot whether you decide to go into the Disney park or not.  You can catch a shuttle from the metro station to the globe.

The Hollywood Bowl

You have to pay to see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, but the concert venue is made available to visitors during the day without an admission price.  They have a museum there, and it’s possible to catch a band during rehearsals.

The Queen Mary

The ocean liner The Queen Mary makes her home in Long Beach, at the southern end of LA county.  They host several events on the Queen Mary, such as ghost hunting and Scottish festivals.  Check the schedule for upcoming events.

L.A. Union Station

This easily recognizable icon is shown in many films, and seeing it has come to represent that a person has arrived in L.A.

The Landmarks Tour

This quick tour around L.A. landmarks is meant to show you some of the places that Los Angeles is famous for.  How many do you recognize?