While you are taking in the sights in L.A., you may pause to ask that all important question…  What’s for lunch?  Los Angeles, California has got some legendary sandwiches.  Here are a few of the best for you to consider when hunger sets in.

Plan Check – The Fried Chicken Sandwich

The chicken is cold smoked and fried just right…with some cheese melted into the crust. It is delicious, and you’ll feel like you’ve had a real treat.  Put it all in a panko crusted bun, and it’s an epic mouth party!

Fundamental LA – The Green Goddess Chicken Sandwich

This chicken sandwich is truly special!  Enclosed in multi-grain slices of bread, you have the green goddess chicken, which is topped off with romaine, cucumbers, and pickled red onion.  This is not the chicken sandwich from your childhood.  It’s fantastic!

Wexler’s Deli – The Ruskie

This traditional Jewish deli counter makes the best egg salad sandwich around… The Ruskie.  It’s served on a warm onion kaiser roll.  They start with the eggs, which are soft boiled.  The secret is the homemade mayo combined with mustard, flavored with coriander and herbs.  Throw in some bread and butter pickles and there you have the Ruskie!

King Torta – Al Pastor Torta

It’s messy, but oh so worth it!  The pork is so tender and delicious.  Sweet and juicy with plenty of chili seeds.  This is served on a hot bread… very doughy and delightful.  The hot sauce that tops it off is the secret ingredient.  Don’t miss out on this delicious sandwich at King Torta.

The Spice Table – Banh Mi

The Spice Table is worth checking out, and their Banh Mi is the favorite at lunchtime.  The restaurant specializes in Southeast Asian cuisine.  Their Banh Mi is served on chewy French bread.  The homemade charcuterie is garnished with a mild pate, and this sandwich makes lunch a special experience.

Bay Cities Deli – The Godmother

They make a lot of different sandwiches at the Bay Cities Deli.  The most famous is the Godmother.  Imagine FIVE different cold cuts, and a beautiful slice of provolone, on chewy Italian bread.  Don’t get carried away with the condiments on this one.  It’s tasty enough as is.  Just add a little oil and vinegar.  Perfect!  Tasty and filling!

Philippe The Original – French Dip

Phillippe’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a French dip sandwich.  This one beats all the others hands down.  The meat is so flavorful and tender, and the bread soaks the au jus just right.  They make the sandwich in turkey, lamb, pork, and beef.  They’re all good, but you’ve got to try the classic beef.

Are You Hungry Yet?

These are some of the best sandwich eats in L.A.  Put them on your Los Angeles bucket list, and see how many you can cross off.  You won’t be sorry.