Summer is the season when Californians enjoy a variety of recreational activities: sporting events, camping, concerts, and more. Alcohol is frequently a part of these recreations, so drivers in the Los Angeles area and across southern California have to be more cautious about drinking and driving in the summer, even if they are just taking a sip of alcohol. More than any other season, DUI arrests peak in the summer months. If you are arrested this summer for DUI in the Los Angeles area, you’re going to need good legal help fast. Contact an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense attorney without delay.

Law enforcement officers know that in the summer, more intoxicated drivers are on the road. In winter – except for the holidays – people drive less and stay home more. It’s only natural that police officers are going to conduct more DUI investigations and make more DUI arrests when the weather is good. It’s quite difficult to investigate a possible DUI or conduct field sobriety testing if it’s freezing or pouring outdoors. Summer also means, naturally enough, more DUI checkpoints since the weather permits it and law enforcement officers know they will probably have more success during this season.

This summer, an arrest for driving under the influence is something you certainly want to avoid. If you are heading out to the beach, a concert, a sporting event, or anywhere you where you will be drinking, have a designated driver or call a taxi or some other ride service. As you may know, a conviction for even a first-offense misdemeanor DUI can mean fines, time in jail, and the suspension of your driver’s license. If a police officer pulls you over for suspicion of DUI, don’t admit any guilt and don’t try to act as your own criminal defense attorney. Insist on your right to have your lawyer present during any questioning. Fight the charge and get the legal representation you need by speaking as quickly as possible with an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense attorney.

Stay Safe On The Fourth of July

Many people celebrate the Fourth of July by setting off fireworks and having a few drinks. Whether you celebrate the Fourth of July by attending a friend’s backyard gathering, hosting your own party, or watching the fireworks with a crowd of celebrants, you must be careful about drinking and driving. If you are arrested in the Los Angeles area for DUI – on the Fourth of July or any other day – arrange at once to be represented by an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

If you’re the host this Fourth of July, make sure that you serve some food and some alternatives to alcohol along with the drinks. If one of your guests appears too impaired to drive, offer your couch or offer to call a taxicab – but do whatever it takes to keep that guest from driving. If you celebrate Independence Day by having a few drinks privately with friends or at a public event like fireworks, make sure that you have a safe way home – a designated driver, a car service, or a taxi. Having some food helps you absorb alcohol, so be sure to eat something.

If the police stop you because they suspect that you are driving under the influence, be courteous and polite. Do not argue or express an “attitude,” but do not try to explain anything either, and politely exercise your right to remain silent. Unless you are under 21 or you are on probation for a previous DUI, you are not required by law to take field sobriety tests, and you shouldn’t. If you’re arrested for DUI in southern California, you’ll need the trustworthy legal advice and services of an experienced DUI attorney who can safeguard your legal rights and advocate aggressively on your behalf. In Los Angeles County or anywhere in southern California, if you are charged with DUI for any reason, speak at once with an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

What to Watch Along With Your Calories

Many people go on diets during the summer in order to work towards their ideal bikini body. However, this could lead to trouble that you would have never predicted.

It’s a conflict. If you’re watching your calories and you’re driving, you could be putting yourself at risk for DUI. If you enjoy an alcoholic beverage with a sugar-free artificially-sweetened mixer, you might cut a few calories, but you will also cause your blood alcohol content (BAC) level to rise rapidly, according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Medicine. If you find yourself charged with DUI in southern California, get legal representation at once and contact an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer immediately.

Drinks made with diet mixers pass through the stomach more rapidly and make blood alcohol levels spike particularly high. Australian researchers conducted their research with eight healthy, young, male volunteers. The volunteers had their blood alcohol levels measured after having a vodka beverage made with a sugary mixer and measured again after drinking the same amount of vodka with an artificially sweetened mixer. The researchers found that blood alcohol content levels surged higher with the low-calorie mixer, to 0.05 percent on average versus 0.03 percent with the naturally sweetened mixer.

In some jurisdictions, two one-hundredths of a percent is the difference between driving legally and driving under the influence. The difference in blood alcohol content levels was “striking,” the researchers wrote, and it shows that a drink’s alcohol content isn’t the only consideration for people about to get behind the wheel.

If you are charged with DUI in the Los Angeles area, you should realize that while no guarantee can ever be made regarding the result of any particular criminal case, the truth is that good DUI lawyers routinely prevail in cases for their DUI clients in this state. In Los Angeles or elsewhere in southern California, if you’re charged with DUI, get trustworthy legal help at once and contact an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer as quickly as possible.