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Los Angeles white collar crime attorneyWhite collar crimes include securities fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, and healthcare and insurance fraud. These crimes are usually non-violent, financially-oriented crimes carried out by professionals or business persons. White collar crimes are governed at both the federal and state levels, and corporations as well as individuals may be named as defendants in white collar cases. In southern California, if you’re charged with a white collar crime now or in the future, obtain promptly the trustworthy legal counsel and representation you need. Call the Miranda Rights Law Firm and Los Angeles white collar crime attorney Douglas Miranda. With a decade of white collar criminal defense experience in the Los Angeles area, Douglas Miranda is the Los Angeles white collar crime attorney to represent you.


Fraud is one of the most common white collar crimes in California. Fraud is committed anytime someone commits an act that results in an unfair or underserved benefit for yourself or causes harm or loss to another person (the victim).

People who commit fraud are typically motivated by financial reasons or the desire to escape some sort of criminal liability that they are currently facing.

The penalties for fraud are complex and will depend heavily on the facts of your case as well as whether you have any prior convictions on your record. Most fraud charges are wobbler offenses, which means they can either be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. It is ultimately the prosecution’s decision how the crime should be charged.

Depending on the type of fraud that you commit, you may face federal charges as well as state charges. This means you will have to face charges in both a state and federal court, and you will face severe consequences from both.

The majority of fraud offenses are considered crimes of moral turpitude, meaning you may face deportation if you are convicted of fraud and are an illegal alien. Also, the government has the right to seize any property or money in your possession that was in some way involved with the fraudulent act. If you have any sort of professional license, you may face suspension or revocation because of a fraud conviction.

If you are charged with fraud in the Los Angeles area, get legal help at once by contacting an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. If you simply made some mistakes while completing financial documents, a good defense attorney can advocate on your behalf and show the court that those were honest mistakes and that you did not intend to defraud anyone.


Identity theft in California is defined as the willful taking of someone’s personal identity information for the purpose of securing credit, money, services, or property in that person’s name for your own benefit and without that person’s consent. If you steal another person’s identity to commit fraud, you are guilty of the crime of identity theft. Even if you never use the information, stealing it with the intention of using it is a crime. If you give or sell someone’s “identity” with criminal intent to a third person, you can be also convicted for identity theft. If you’re accused of identity theft anywhere in the Los Angeles area, get legal representation at once by contacting an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.

Identity theft is almost always tied to some other theft or fraud crime such as embezzlement, insurance or healthcare fraud, theft, forgery, or elder abuse. Identity theft can be charged in California as either a felony or as a misdemeanor. The District Attorney has the discretion to make that decision based on your criminal record and the details of the identity theft itself. In other words, how you obtained the identity information as well as how you used it are considerations in how the crime is charged. To convict a defendant of identity theft, a prosecutor must prove that you had criminal intent. If you obtained the information accidentally or innocently, or if you’ve been falsely accused, your defense attorney should be able to prove it to the court. However, if a theft or fraud is linked to the identity theft, it will be much harder to claim that you’re innocent.

If you’re accused of identity theft in southern California – now or in the future – it’s imperative to make certain that your rights are protected and that you’ll be properly represented and defended. Contact an experienced Los Angeles white collar crimes attorney immediately if you’re charged with identity theft or any crime related to identity theft.


Basically, all white collar crimes are deceptions and violations of trust. The more common forms of fraud in southern California today include mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud. In a tough economic climate, mortgage, insurance, and healthcare fraud and identity theft are also on the rise. In a white collar case, a good Los Angeles white collar crime attorney works first to have your charge reduced or tossed out; sometimes, a charge can be dismissed based on a settlement with the alleged victim called a “civil compromise.” In other cases, the best result will be a reduced sentence in return for restitution. When the evidence against you is overwhelming, Douglas Miranda will pursue alternatives to incarceration including work release, community service, and electronic home confinement.


The key to any effective criminal defense is to act as early to find the strengths and weaknesses of a case and take control of it from the beginning. If you are charged with any white collar crime in southern California, contact the Miranda Rights Law Firm at once. After assessing your case, Los Angeles white collar crime attorney, Douglas Miranda will explain your legal options and work to develop the most effective possible defense. At the Miranda Rights Law Firm, we put our experience to work for you. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles white collar crime attorney, contact us today. Send an email, or call 213-255-5838. Se habla español.