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Almost anyone can be accused of domestic violence. Even when a suspect is acquitted, and the accusation is eventually discredited, simply being charged with domestic violence can damage your life. A domestic violence accusation reflects on your character; while it can cost you fines and jail time, the worst loss is often the loss of respect from friends, family, and employers. A domestic violence charge can impact your job opportunities, your child custody arrangements, and other important parts of your life. If you’re charged with any crime of domestic violence in southern California, it’s imperative to have high-quality legal help at once. Call a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer with the Miranda Rights Law Firm in Los Angeles. We have more than a decade of legal experience defending clients throughout southern California.


f you throw anything at your boyfriend or girlfriend, your cohabiting partner, or your spouse in the course of a spat or a lovers’ quarrel, it’s against the law. It doesn’t matter if you throw an ashtray, a coffee mug, or something weightier.

Under California law, probable cause is all that’s required to make a domestic violence arrest. A dent in the plaster where your ashtray struck the wall provides probable cause. When it’s just a mug or ashtray and there’s no other injuries or damages, you’ll probably be charged with misdemeanor simple assault, but if a prosecutor decides that you intended the object you threw to be a weapon, you might face a felony charge. Even a misdemeanor conviction could result in a fine, mandatory counseling, and possibly a year in jail. Your partner might act to have a restraining order issued against you, which means that you could even end up looking for somewhere to live. A domestic violence charge can impact your job opportunities, your child custody arrangements, and more.

If fighting with your partner lands you in trouble with the law, call a Los Angeles-based California criminal defense attorney at once, and let your attorney do the fighting on your behalf.


California law allows persons to file for a domestic violence restraining order. This is a court order that is meant to help protect people from violence. You have to be involved in a close relationship with the person for that person to take out a domestic violence restraining order against you.

You might however be surprised at how easy it is for a person to get a domestic violence restraining order against you. Once the domestic violence order has been filed, you are under a number of restrictions.

You can no longer contact the person who has taken out the restraining order, or your children, or people who live with you. The restraining order will require that you keep away from your home, your children’s school, or even your spouse’s workplace. The restraining order will require that you move out of your home. You will also be required to completely adhere to all child custody and visitation orders that you currently have in place. You must continue to pay child support, and spousal support, if you’re currently making these payments. You must also keep away from your pets, and continue to pay household expenses.

A restraining order will also require that you avoid making any large payments or incur large expenses, or do anything that will affect your partner’s assets.

Remember, the restraining order means not just an emotional crisis for you, but it also makes it very difficult financially because you have to move out of the home immediately. Speak to a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney if your partner has got a restraining order against you.


If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is important to get in touch with a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney immediately. Soon after the arrest, you may be required to make an appearance in court at an arraignment. At a typical arraignment for domestic abuse, you will be informed about all of your rights under the Constitution, and will also be informed about the crimes with which you have been charged.

Most importantly, the arraignment will give you an opportunity to enter a plea. You can enter either a guilty, not guilty, or no -contest plea.

The judge will also make a decision about the bail that must be set in your case at your arraignment. You must post bail to be released immediately. While deciding to set your bail, the judge will consider a number of factors, including the threat that you pose to the community. If the judge believes that you continue to be a serious risk to your partner, or the partner is at risk of serious violence or physical harm from your release, you may have a much higher bail set in your case. A lot also depends on the kind of domestic violence charges that have been filed against you by the victim or victims. If the judge believes that you are a flight risk, or that you could possibly leave town to, he may set a higher bail amount.

For help preparing for your arraignment, or to learn what you can expect at your arraignment, speak to a Los Angeles domestic violence defense lawyer.


If you are convicted of domestic violence in California, you could lose your job, your children and even your freedom. Criminal penalties for domestic violence may include jail time, probation, court-ordered counseling for up to a year, and additional penalties. In some cases a good Los Angeles domestic violence attorney may be able to show that a defendant acted in self-defense; in other cases, good Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers have been able to discredit false domestic violence accusations. Attorney Douglas Miranda will scrutinize the details of the charge against and will fight vigorously to win justice on your behalf.

If you are charged with domestic violence in California now or in the future, retain a Los Angeles domestic violence attorney’s services immediately. If you’re a custodial parent, bear in mind that a domestic violence conviction can cause you to lose child custody; it creates a presumption that you are unfit to be the primary custodian of your own children. And if you are not yet a legal citizen, a conviction for domestic violence can also subject you to deportation. So if you are facing one of these circumstances, it’s especially important to hire an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who can represent you in this case.


Los Angeles domestic violence attorneyIf you’ve been charged with domestic violence, put an experienced Los Angeles domestic violence attorney to work for you. After assessing your case, Douglas Miranda will explain your legal options and begin to develop the most effective possible defense. In addition to cases of alleged spousal abuse, our law firm also represents clients facing other legal issues, like stalking, sexual assault, fraud and white collar crime and beyond.

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