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If you are convicted of indecent exposure in Southern California, some of the consequences can follow you for life, with some cases resulting in a requirement to maintain a sex offender registration. If you or someone in your family is charged with this offense, you’ll need the skills of a savvy, experienced sex crimes attorney in California. Whether you are facing the criminal justice system for the first time or have a record of prior offenses, the Miranda Rights Law Firm is here for you. Los Angeles indecent exposure lawyer Douglas Miranda has handled thousands of criminal cases in southern California for over a decade including indecent exposure cases. He is passionate about defending clients and willing to fight for the results clients need.


Indecent exhibition charges arise when someone is accused of masturbation in public or when two people engage in sexual behavior in a public setting. In indecent exhibition cases, sometimes intoxication or mental illness can be offered in defense or considered as an extenuating circumstance. The sentence for an individual with no prior convictions typically includes a minimal jail sentence and some form of community service. Conviction can require registration as a sex offender, however, which is why it is essential to have an LA indecent exposure attorney working for you. Registration as a sex offendercan haunt you for years to come and even impact your ability to find suitable work and housing in the future, so it’s vital that you trust your case to an experienced criminal defense attorney with experience representing clients accused of alleged sex crimes in Los Angeles County and the surrounding region.


Under California indecent exposure laws, it is illegal to expose yourself inappropriately. The law also states that the reason behind your exposure must be either sexual gratification or attempting to offend the person you are exposing yourself to. If you have been arrested for indecent exhibition you need the help of a Los Angeles indecent exposure attorney. Indecent exposure falls under the category of sex crimes and it is not always easy for a prosecutor to prove the case.

One of reasons that it is so difficult to prove is the intent has to be established, was it done willfully or accidentally? If this cannot be proven then the prosecutor likely has no case. Indecent exhibition is also a crime of specific intent, meaning the defendant was intending on acting lewd and that it was intentional and was done to achieve sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual affront.

The indecent exposure incident must have taken place in a public place or in a private setting if the defendant entered the premises without invitation or exposed himself in an unwanted display, according to California law. And, to be charged with indecent exposure, the defendant must have shown his private parts.

With the help of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, the charges might be able to be dropped because of your First Amendment protection under the US Constitution. If you have been charged with indecent exposure and it is your first offense, you will likely receive a misdemeanor conviction. But, if the act is done after entering a dwelling or the inhabited part of a building without the inhabitant’s consent, the court may sentence the defendant to a term of imprisonment lasting up to one year.

A second offense or a subsequent conviction, or a first-time conviction for exposure after a conviction for another sex crime under California law, Penal Code Section 314, is a felony conviction. The penalty is likely time in a state prison.

It is in your best interest to call Miranda Rights Law Firm at 213-255-3569 for a free consultation. Douglas Miranda has handled thousands of indecent exhibition cases in southern California, for more than a decade. Whether you are facing the criminal justice system for the first time or have a record of prior offenses, Miranda Rights Law Firm is here to help. Our legal team can represent clients accused of many different offenses, including exposure, lewd conduct, sexual assault, sexual battery and beyond.


The law states that you have to expose yourself willfully, meaning if the reason for the exhibition is beyond your control, it shouldn’t be considered indecent exposure. For example, if the wind blows up a woman’s dress, exposing her to other people on the street, this is not indecent exposure as she had no control over it. If the prosecution cannot prove that you willfully exposed yourself, then they do not have an indecent exhibition case against you.

Indecent exposure only refers to the exposure of a naked body, not one covered by any clothing or underwear. Often, a qualified defense lawyer can successfully argue that the exposure was not a body part, and that there was underwear or other items of clothing showing.

The accused must have exposed himself for the purpose of sexual gratification or to offend someone. If the prosecution cannot prove that this element existed in the crime, then they may not have a strong case against you. An example of exposure that does not have a sexual or offensive intent is breastfeeding. Women cannot be charged for indecent exposure for breastfeeding in public, even if their bare breast is exposed.

If you have been charged with indecent exposure or another crime that could result in a requirement to register as a sex offender, contact an experienced Los Angeles defense lawyer as soon as possible. Once you speak with Douglas Miranda, your case will be thoroughly reviewed to form a solid defense strategy. Don’t take your chances with an inexperienced lawyer, trust the attorney with years of experience defending clients in the Los Angeles area.


Los Angeles indecent exposure attorneyIf you’re facing legal troubles and criminal charges, put an experienced Southern California indecent exposure defense lawyer to work for you. After assessing your case, Attorney Douglas Miranda will outline your legal options and develop the most effective possible defense. If you seek an attorney for a loved one who has already been arrested, we will visit your loved one in Los Angeles County Jail or in one of the nearby facilities to discuss their case. At the Miranda Rights Law Firm, we take our responsibilities to clients seriously, and we want to put our experience to work for you. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles indecent exposure lawyer, contact us today. Send an email, or call 213-255-5838. Se habla español.