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Criminal Attorney Douglas Miranda in Los Angeles understands how high the stakes are when a client faces a serious criminal accusation. By having over a decade of legal experience, he has handled more than 5,000 criminal cases, which include death penalty cases, has litigated more than 1,000 motions, and has tried over 100 criminal cases before juries. It’s the kind of experience that teaches an attorney how to pick juries, negotiate with prosecutors, and offer the strongest possible arguments in a client’s defense.


Most people are frightened or intimidated when they are stopped by a police officer, and this is perfectly natural. No one wants to get into trouble with law enforcement. Sometimes, people however panic and do things that actually puts them in even more trouble. Talk to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney after an arrest.

If you are stopped by a police officer who wants to question you, be courteous, and calm. Be polite all the time. Being polite can help you, while being hostile or aggressive could actually hurt you. Don’t disrespect the officer-he could arrest you.

Don’t try to run away from the scene of the scene. If the police officer wants to search you, inform him that you do not want to be searched. Remember, the officer may go ahead and search you anyway, but it is important for you to make it clear that you do not consent.

Be honest with police officers. Don’t make up stories, or offer long explanations.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the police officers only want to question you and then let you go. Officers may try to intimidate you, because that is part of their job. Don’t be intimidated, and don’t lose your cool.

Always remember your right to reamin silent. This is a golden right that many people often forget when they panic after being stopped by a police officer. Remember, talking too much and offering explanations for why you are in a particular area may put you in trouble, when you were never in trouble before.

If police arrest you, exercise your right to legal counsel. Immediately get in touch with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. The first step will be to secure your release, and a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles can help your family members secure bail for you.


When you are arrested, officers must read out your Miranda rights which also include the right to have a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney present when you are being questioned. Once a lawyer has arrived at the scene, police officers will question you in front of your lawyer. Remember to speak to an attorney as soon as you are arrested. Don’t volunteer any information to the law enforcement officers without an attorney present.

However, if you should decide that you do not need to have an attorney present, police officers may go ahead and question you even without an attorney. Remember, it is your right to keep an attorney present with you at the time of questioning, but if you choose to give up that right, then officers have the right to go ahead and question you even without a lawyer.

It is obvious that this is a very dangerous route to take, because without legal advice, you may say things that could jeopardize your defense, and solidify the prosecutor’s case against you.

However, if you decide to give up your rights to an attorney, begin answering questions by police officers, and change your mind halfway through the questioning, then officers must immediately stop questioning. They must wait till you have a lawyer present, before they resume questioning. They cannot continue to ask new questions after you have announced that you need to have a lawyer present.

It’s very important to take the right legal steps after you have been arrested. Speak to a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and protect your rights.


Wrongful convictions happen all the time, and while there is no guarantee regarding the outcome of a criminal case, the best way to avoid being wrongly convicted of a crime in southern California is to obtain the counsel of a reputable criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles.

We tend to get most of our ideas about the criminal justice system from TV and the movies. The truth is, we wouldn’t watch shows with cops and judges who make a lot of mistakes, with crimes that aren’t thoroughly investigated, or with innocent people being convicted. We wouldn’t find those shows entertaining, and they would be cancelled. Real life, however, is full of cops who make mistakes, crimes that aren’t properly investigated, and innocent people who are wrongly convicted – and real life probably will not be canceled anytime soon. Whether you are guilty or innocent, if you’re accused of a crime around the Los Angeles area, obtain the legal help you need and contact one of our knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers promptly.


Los Angeles criminal attorney, Douglas Miranda graduated with honors from California State University, Los Angeles, and earned his J.D. from the Western State College of Law in Fullerton. Since his admission to practice law in California, he has received special training and certification in areas including forensic science, jury selection, and sex crime defense. Mr. Miranda has also helped scores of clients terminate their probations early and expunge their criminal records. Los Angeles criminal attorney, Douglas Miranda is highly respected by his colleagues in the Los Angeles legal community, and he’s appreciated by the thousands of southern California clients he has represented. His lengthy and impressive record of legal victories speaks for itself.


Los Angeles criminal attorneyTo find out more about how Douglas Miranda can help you, contact his Los Angeles law offices today to arrange for a free legal consultation. If you’re facing a charge associated with a crime or believe that you are under suspicion, put an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your defense. Once we assess your case, Douglas Miranda will go over your legal options and begin developing the most effective approach and defense. If you seek an attorney for a loved one who has already been arrested, we will visit your loved one in jail.

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