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If you are a Los Angeles-area resident or visitor and you’re charged with a crime, don’t risk your freedom, your family, and your future. You’ll need the services of a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who has a record of victories in similar cases; a lawyer who successfully guides clients through the often-complex California justice system.

Douglas Miranda is a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who represents felony and misdemeanor defendants facing charges that include domestic violence, DUI, assault, sex crimes, drug offenses, and other criminal charges in Los Angeles and across southern California. If you’re charged with a crime in the Los Angeles area, he’s the attorney you want representing you and your interests.


After a person has been arrested, one of several things may happen. For one, the judge may decide to set bail, and the defendant must post the bail amount in order to be released from the jail.

However, a bail is not an absolute must to be released from jail. In some cases, a person may be released from jail on his own recognizance, which means that he’s released without any need for a bail. All that a defendant needs to do is to affirm that he will show up in the future to make an appearance before the court. Defendants may have to sign an agreement promising that they will show up in court at a future date when they are required to make an appearance. All that they need to do is sign the agreement, and they’re free to go.

This option is legally known as an “own recognizance release.” That means that you are basically promising that you will show up in court in the future. This option serves as an alternative to bail, and it is a very attractive option because it is much less expensive. Are you eligible for release on your own recognizance? Criminal defense lawyers can help offer some insight into your options in this regard.

You may be eligible for an “own recognizance release” in California, as long as you meet certain criteria. For one, you must not be facing charges for offenses that are attached to a death penalty. The court must also not have any reason to believe that you are a threat to public safety, and must have reason to believe that you can be trusted to make an appearance in the court at a future date. At the arraignment, your criminal defense lawyer will attempt to convince the judge that you are not a public safety threat, and that you have strong community connections that would prevent you from fleeing to escape charges against you.


Many charges turn into convictions because the prosecutor was able to prove the defendant acted with criminal negligence. Under California law, criminal negligence is set to occur when the defendant behaves in a manner that is so reckless that it increases the risk of injury or death to another person. For a prosecutor to prove that you were criminally negligent, he must prove that not only did you behave recklessly, but that the recklessness also came with a disregard for the consequences of any such recklessness. The prosecutor must prove that any other person in the same situation would not have behaved in such a manner.

Prosecutors may be able to get a conviction based on criminal negligence, even if you did not intend to be negligent. All that they have to prove is that the negligence was so severe that it was almost guaranteed to result in injury or death to others. These laws are typically applied in those cases in which injury or death resulted as a result of someone’s carelessness, rather than his intention to cause harm. Besides, prosecutors must show that you aware of the danger posed by your behavior, and knew that it was likely to result in harm to others. Talk to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney for help after an arrest.

A prime example of how these laws are used is the case of intoxicated driving. A person, who is driving under the influence of alcohol, may not really intend to harm others by drunk driving, but the law will consider that he understands how risky such behavior is.

If you have been arrested for an offense, talk to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately.


Most crimes in California are automatically either misdemeanors or felonies. A third category, called “wobblers,” are the charges that prosecutors may choose to file as either misdemeanors or as felonies, depending on the facts of a case and a suspect’s prior criminal history. If you’re accused of any misdemeanor or felony in the greater Los Angeles area, get legal help at once and contact an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. A wide variety of offenses can be charged as either felonies or misdemeanors in California.

A defendant with no criminal history who is accused of a crime that’s a wobbler will probably be charged with a misdemeanor. Another defendant accused of the same crime may be charged with a felony if that defendant has a history of arrests and prior convictions. Policies also tend to vary from county to county in California. Some prosecutors may lean toward more misdemeanors, and others may tend to charge more felonies.

If a wobbler is filed as a felony, your criminal defense attorney can seek to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor at a preliminary hearing or through negotiations with the prosecutor. Someone who’s been convicted of a felony charge that was a wobbler may eventually be eligible for reduction to a misdemeanor through the expungement process. A criminal defense attorney can tell you more about expungement.

Whether you are ultimately charged with a misdemeanor or with a felony, and whether it’s your first offense or just one of many, it’s imperative to have quality legal representation if you are charged with any crime. If you need a criminal defense lawyer,  Los Angeles natives can turn to attorney Douglas Miranda.  Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer answer your questions, defend you aggressively, and work to bring your case to its best possible conclusion. If you are charged with a crime, now or in the future, don’t face the prosecution alone. Call our law firm for help.


Whether you’re guilty or innocent, when you’re accused of a crime in southern California you need an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to safeguard your rights and provide expert legal representation. Don’t take the risk of losing your freedom or harming your family. With more than a decade of experience representing thousands of clients, Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Douglas Miranda will fight aggressively for the best possible resolution to your case. He will give you candid, sound legal advice, and if necessary, he will advocate on your behalf before a jury.

Our law firm handles a vast range of cases, from cases involving drugs, assault cases, fraud and white collar crimes, to sex crimes, child abuse, prostitution, grand theft, identity theft, burglary and beyond. Our lawyers know criminal law and our legal team knows what it takes to help you find justice.


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