At some point in the criminal proceedings against you, your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and the prosecutors in your case will meet together and negotiate towards a resolution of the charges against you. This resolution, or the deal that is struck during these negotiations, is called a plea bargain or plea deal.

Remember, the negotiations are extensive, and may go on for weeks on end. A plea bargain may not be struck in every situation, especially if the evidence that you committed the crime is overwhelming. In those cases in which defense attorneys believe that it is much more beneficial for the defendant to have the criminal case settled, instead of going to court for a long trial, he may suggest to the client that he take the plea bargain.

However, you must never make any decision about the plea bargain on your own. It is important to seek legal advice from your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, before you make any kind of discussion about accepting the plea bargain. Ultimately however, it is the client who will make the decision about whether to accept the bargain.

Your decision must be backed by sound legal advice from your attorney. If the attorney believes that the appeal bargain is more in your interest than going to trial, he will encourage you to take the plea bargain. Remember, your attorney will be in a better position to understand whether your case can be won at trial.

Although, in most cases, attorneys push their clients towards a appeal bargain, it is also important for your attorney to investigate and determine if the plea-bargain is unnecessary, because your case is so “winnable.” If you have enough evidence to prove your innocence, you may not need a plea bargain at all. Your attorney must have enough confidence in the evidence in your favor to reject a plea deal.

If you have been arrested, speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Don’t make any decisions or statements after the arrest without speaking to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney first.

What are the Benefits of a Plea Deal?

There are many advantages to a appealdeal, and it is best to take advice from your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney before you decide to accept the deal.

Here are just a few of the benefits of accepting a plea deal:

With a plea deal, you know exactly what you are getting. There is none of the uncertainty of a jury trial. Remember, you may be confident in the strength of your case, but there is no way to predict exactly what will happen at trial.

A plea deal also allows you to settle your criminal charges very quickly. A trial can be a long drawn out process. It can also be more expensive. To learn whether you should accept a bargain, or go to trial, speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer.

Plea deals are also extensively promoted by prosecutors, because they allow them to settle a case as quickly as possible, and leave them free to prosecute other cases. That means that you may find prosecutors in your case much more willing to come to an agreement with your attorneys, and that could mean better terms for you.

A plea deal often involves lower charges which means that even if a criminal conviction appears on your record, it will have lower charges attached. If you go to trial and are convicted, you could have a much bigger conviction on your record.

A plea deal could involve lower sentencing, and may allow you to avoid prison time in some cases. If you go to trial and are convicted, you may be eligible for much more severe sentencing.

If you have been arrested, determine all of your options by discussing your case with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.

Can A Judge Reject Your Plea Deal?

A plea deal is the result of intense negotiations between your attorneys and the prosecuting team, however, a judge must be part of the evaluation of the terms of the plea deal. In other words, the judge is typically informed about all of the various provisions of the plea deal, and the judge is given discretion about accepting or rejecting the bargain. In some cases, the judge may choose to reject the plea deal. He may consider a number of factors, including the facts of the case, the severity of the offense, and the statements from the victim and other interested parties. The judge may consider the opinion of the general public before deciding to accept or reject the agreement. However, the judge will be informed about the terms of the plea deal, before you even enter the plea.

Remember, that it is important to seek advice from your Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer about what to do and whether to accept a plea deal or not. Your attorney is a much better judge of whether your case is winnable, and all of the consequences that may follow if you reject the plea deal and if the case goes to trial. Talk to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney about the best option for you.

What Other Options Are There?

You can choose to plead either guilty or not guilty at the arraignment, which is a legal court proceeding in which you will stand before a judge and enter a plea. An arraignment typically takes place just a few days after an arrest. You will have your attorney with you in court.

In some cases, you may also be allowed to plead no contest, a plea that is very similar to a guilty plea. However, you should not enter any kind of plea without legal advice from your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.

There are a number of steps to the legal proceedings that will follow an arrest. It is important to be guided by a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at every stage of these proceedings.