Domestic violence is a major problem in Los Angeles, and throughout our country, according to our domestic violence attorneys.  Getting help takes courage.  You’re not in it alone, though.  Here are some programs in L.A. that help with domestic violence issues.

Peace Over Violence

This organization, founded in 1971, provides a variety of resources, including interventions, emergency care and counseling.  Their goal is to have violence free families and communities.  Prevention, education, and advocacy programs work with teens to stop violence early.

About-Face, DVIP, Inc.

About-Face is based in Los Angeles, and is devoted to breaking the cycle of abuse affecting families every day in the L.A. area.  They were founded by Dr. Sandra G. Baca in the 1980s.  They specialize in intervention, counseling, and treatment.  Counseling is done on an individual basis and in groups.  They treat the whole community by offering services for victims and abusers alike.

Jenesse Center

This wonderful center is focused on treating and supporting women and children coming out of violent and abusive situations.  They offer emergency shelter, counseling, education, legal services, and health services.  This is a safe, nurturing space that comforts women in need, and their children.

1736 Family Crisis Center

Founded in 1972, the 1736 Family Crisis Center addresses the needs of domestic violence victims in the community.  They also help other at-risk groups in the area, such as homeless youth that are on their own. They offer support for homeless Veterans, and anyone in the community that is unemployed and underemployed and needing a hand.  They have attorneys and therapists on staff to help.  With a system that includes five shelters, help is there when you need it.

DAZ Foundation

This foundation takes a different approach and offers all those classes we talk about.  Court ordered classes are available in Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Batterer’s Intervention, and all types of parenting classes.  Support groups and classes help to educate and alleviate the circumstances of domestic violence.

Open Paths Counseling Center

Open Paths has a program called Another Way, which is a program that focuses on domestic violence.  They treat families and individuals by counseling and education.  Some participants voluntarily sign up before they do something they’ll regret.  Others have been court ordered to take a program through Open Paths.

Shields for Families

This organization has been working to address domestic violence for 25 years.  They offer 12 and 20-week programs for batterers that are not required to take the 52-week course (they also offer the 52-week course).  They have classes available for Men and Women, and in English and Spanish.

Take Advantage of These Resources

No matter what your experience with domestic violence is, if it affects your life, use these resources to learn to live a violence free life.  The listings here address all sides of the equation.  Victims need help.  Batterers need help.  The community needs to heal and develop without the threat of violence.  Children need to feel safe and loved in their homes.  If you’re lucky enough to have escaped or avoided domestic violence, considering donate time or resources to one of these programs.

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